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Margi Kanter is appearing at Kapital Kidvention (Jan 26 - 29, 2017)  in Washington DC to teach two of her most popular classes!
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2 Free classes included in the convention registration
1 special pre day class with Margi Jan 26th @ $100

1. Ponies, Ponies and more Ponies:

MLP often seem to be the nemesis for face painters. Margi Kanter has taken the time to study and figure out the quickest most effective way to paint these characters with the benefit of adorable animation, to take them to yet another level. In this class, Margi will break down the steps to creating 4 different styles of MLP designs.

She will guide you through demonstration as well as hands on principles. The eyes are the window to the soul of each character but often times we do not have time for detailed eyes. She will show you how to create ponies for every season with just a few quick twists and turns. Adding just a bit of bling in all the right places finishes your design with a bang!

2. Powders demo class:

Are you tired of your paints melting in the sun? Let Margi share her tips and tricks for painting with powders! She will demonstrate how to combine different powder makeups to create both vibrant and quick designs! Margi will share her techniques to help you to understand the value of your powder palettes. Powders are not just for hot days, but also for busy events and preschool and sensitive kids who don’t like the feel of wet paint on their face. The industries best kept secret revealed! Let’s Play!

Special Pre-Day Class - additional fee to the convention:

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Jan 26th 

Margi Kanter Workshop

12:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Kapital Kidvention
(Hilton Mark Center 5000 Seminary Rd, Alexandria, VA 22311)

Creative in a Crunch!-- Face painting for busy events.

The goal of every artist is to develop a unique signature style recognizable in a crowd. Come join Margi in this high energy, cheerful, class designed to open your creative mind and help you step outside of your painting comfort zone into a whole new world of animation! This workshop is for every level of painter, outlined to help you move long lines with efficiency and speed without compromising the end result! Margi will guide you through the placement and simple layering used to create animated designs as well as basic mask building. Using the 3 T’s; Technique, Timing, and Tools she will help you to create bold colorful conceptual designs for your busy events. Margi will teach you how to combine bits and pieces of her work and others with your individual style and create something brand new to share with your guests. You will leave this class feeling renewed and inspired. Let’s play! Only 15 Seats Available. Registration is only $100 for the first 10 people! Afterward it will be $125